About Us

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Our Mission

Our mission is to give our clients an exceptional studio experience and the highest quality recording possible. We have created a studio with great sounding rooms, world-class gear and a comfortable creative vibe so you can be your best and we can capture your best.  We offer all the services needed to see your project through from pre-production to replication, again with all the attention to detail that is required to create a world class product.

Babblefish Recording Studio Owner Steve Falearos

Who Are We?

Babblefish Studios is owned by ADI Media Group Inc. consisting of Jim Baker CEO and Steve Falearos. The studio was opened by Steve Falearos in 1997 and has recorded well over one thousand projects.

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The Studio

Babblefish Recording Studios is a full service audio recording facility, designed for and specializing in music production (although we do many other things as well). Owner, Steve Falearos likes to say the studio has an analog approach to digital recording. Like most engineers and producers Steve is of the firm belief that music comes from the artist and producer. The engineer and studio’s job is to capture those performances as sonically accurate (colored or uncolored as the case may be) as possible. Babblefish Studios is built on that belief. To that point the rooms are large and have a comfortable vibe and the gear is world class.  

Babblefish was built 1997 in downtown Franklin, Ohio, centered between Cincinnati and Dayton and only five minutes from I-75. Babblefish was built out of the need, then as now, for a commercial studio in the area that catered to the needs and wants of local musicians not the wants of the studio owner and employees. Thus the motto Your Music, Your Studio.