Payment Types

  • All Major Credit Cards (we add a 4% fee for credit card transactions)
  • Cash
  • Checks  
    • For deposits up to 10 business days prior to a scheduled session. After this deposits must be made with cash or credit card.
    • For payment of sessions prior to the final session.
    • May not be used for final payment.


  • Deposits are required for all sessions.  
  • Deposits are $120 per day (equal to the standard hourly rate and minimum time required)  
  • Deposits ($120) will be credited to the daily balance. (e.g. you book four (4) days of three (3) hours per day. Your deposit when booking the session will be $480. ($120 x 4). at the end of the first day your balance will be $180. Subtract the daily deposit $120 and $60 will be due. Same for the next day and so on.)
  • “Lock Out” deposits require payment in full. Refunds will be at the discretion of Babblefish Studios.
  • Deposits are non refundable with the following exceptions;
    • Session is completed in fewer days than the client’s booking in which case we will apply the credit to the final bill and refund the remaining credit.
    • Session is permanently canceled by Babblefish Studios.  (See Cancellation)

Session Reschedule

  • a scheduled session may be moved/rescheduled with no loss to deposit one weeks prior to the originally scheduled session. Babblefish Studios will work with the client to our best ability to get the future date desired. This however is dependent upon studio availability.
  • Rescheduling less than one week prior to a session will result in the loss of the clients deposit.($120)  If the session is booked for multiple days, the loss of deposit shall not exceed $240.
  • A new deposit for the rescheduled session must be made.

Session Cancellation

  • Cancellation of a scheduled session of up to 2 days of sessions will result in the complete loss of any deposit.
  • Cancellation of a session prior to 30 days of the scheduled date of 3 days of more will result in the loss of two days of deposits. $240. The balance of clients deposit will be refunded in the form of a check within 90 days of originally scheduled session.
  • Cancellation within 30 days of a scheduled session will result in complete loss of deposit.
  • In the event a client has booked multiple days of sessions and cancels before the project is complete, the remainder deposit will be forfeited by the client. The The balance for the time owed must be paid in full prior to release of any product or recording. In the case of a client canceling on site after using time that day, the deposit for that day will be applied to balance. If the hours of the day are greater than the deposit, the client will pay the balance.  

Minimum hourly booking

  • A minimum booking of two hours daily is required.  

Block Rate Sessions

  • Block Sessions are a minimum of 8 hours.  
  • Block sessions are discounted to $50 per hour. A minimum block session is $400
  • Block Sessions may be split into two, four (or more) hour blocks that are booked on consecutive days or arranged and approved by BRS management.

Lock Out

  • Lock Out is Multiple Days of exclusive studio use. Lock Out rates are negotiable. Please call.


Pre-Paid 40 Hour 

  • Clients may purchase 40 hours of studio time to be used for any of our services.
  • We discount the hourly rate considerably with the purchase of 40 hours.  
  • The time must be used within 30 days of first session booked.
  • Bookings are subject to availability. In the case there are not enough slots available at the studio in a given 30 days. BRS will honor the 40 hours past the dead line.


  • Client guest are welcome. However it is generally not a good idea. Your call, your dime.


  • BRS does not supply any alcoholic beverages. You are welcome to bring what you like as long as you are of age. As with guest, generally not a good idea.  
  • Parties are not permitted. If the session gets out of control (BRS staff call as to “out of control)” We reserve the right to call the session. Client will be responsible for the entire time booked as well as any unnecessary time involved in cleaning up.

Smoking and Illegal Substances

  • Absolutely no illegal drugs are permitted on the premises of the 402 S. Main building!
  • Absolutely no smoking inside the build or studio. You may smoke outside of the building. You are responsible for the safe disposal of your butts. This does not mean the side walk or street.